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ONE console

The ONE console is built taking modern-day technical and economical constraints into account.

The aim was to design a console with an excellent quality/price ratio complying with ergonomic, aesthetic, quality and operator comfort rules without forgetting the capability to accommodate computer and telecom equipment and ensure the management of the wiring.

This console is completely metallic, built from square or trapezoidal-base boxes bolted together (Box dimensions W x D x H 600 x 600 x 650 mm). The trapezoidal shape allows convex and concave configurations to be made.



ONE console with footrest offering a lot of footroom. Standard BS EN 527-1

ONE IMG_0891
ONE IMG_0184
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Series equipment

  • Painted steel front door.
  • Squares attached to the box to support the worktop.
  • Compact straight or curved worktop (Height 785 mm).
  • The screen placement surface is the metallic top of the boxes with attachment provided to accommodate hinged supports for screens (X&Y, XYZ or AXIOM).
  • The difference in height between the worktop and the screen placement surface is 100 mm. The drop offers a clear view over the screens to the display system.
  • Compact removal rear panels.
  • Cable feedthroughs and obstacle-free raceways from one end to the other of the console in the technical part.
  • Stainless steel sheet footrest for better comfort (Standard BS EN 527-1).
  • Stainless steel tubular footrest.

ONE Console with stainless steel tubular footrest

Optional equipment

  • Keyboard and storage drawers fixed under worktop.
  • Height-adjustable shelf.
  • 19” profile.
  • DIN support for attaching electrical equipment.
  • Compact screen installation surface.
  • Hinged supports for screens.

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