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AX console

Equipment such as CPUs are often placed in a technical room or in a cabinet. In this case, there is no need for the structural technical boxes under the worktop, but boxes can be installed later.

The AX console is built on a very simple concept similar to a highly technical office.
The structure consists of 2 AX legs supporting a monitor support beam made of painted steel.

A laminate Compact worktop completes the assembly.

You will be astonished by the aerial design of this console, its visual lightness and its elegant lines, its perfectly studied ergonomics and by its optimised functionalities.

  • The basic console is a workstation 1650 mm wide x 1000 mm deep x 785 mm high (width of 1450 and 1950 mm are also available).
  • The screen placement surface has a drop of 67 mm to optimise the visual fields of view of the operators and to provide clear view to a possible display system.
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This console is upgradable and can receive various items according to the equipment required.


Series equipment

  • Rear courtesy panel made of painted steel sheet.
  • Separate high current, low current cable raceways and network.
  • Cables routed up through the leg with aesthetically designed opening panelling.
  • Ground braids.
  • Attachment provided to accommodate hinged supports (X&Y, XYZ or AXIOM) for flat screens.

Optional equipment

  • Technical boxes of various widths (350 and 600 mm) with ventilation openings to receive CPUs and all other equipment (Shelves, 19” attachments, DIN rails, electrical sockets or networks). Access to CPU via front or rear door.
  • Drawer boxes (2 or 3 drawers).
  • Keyboard or storage drawers attached under the worktop.
  • For sitting/standing, standing work, a “driven lift and drop” version with worktop height adjustable by electric actuators is available.


The AX consoles are modular and perfectly adapted to upgradable layouts:

If the layouts are modified, many of the items comprising an AX console can be recovered and reconfigured.

The AX consoles are very sturdy and are manufactured with recyclable products. The participate towards sustainable development.



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